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Published: 2019-10-21 06:11:39
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William Goldings choice of language in this extract sets the scene on the island. He uses simple words such as leaped and dashed to show the swift movements of Ralph, which also create the dramatic action. They show the distress Ralph is in whilst he is on the run from Jacks savages and his desperation to survive. Simple phrases such as shied like a horse at the sound of shrills also dramatise upon the action. These show how frightened and nervous Ralph has become, as horses usually are frightened and terrified of most things (i.e. too many people)

The quote Most he was beginning to dread¦making a simpleton of him is also another example of imagery as it describes how his mind may go suddenly blank (idea of the curtain), losing any sense of what was happening around him the curtain that might waver in his brain The idea of the curtain gives the impression of that he isnt in a good state of mind, as he is on he is on the run for his life, and also been hunted down by Jacks tribe.

William Golding also uses a war reference in the book which is quite ironic, as at the time he wrote the book he was horrified by the events of WWII the advancing line would pass without discovering him. It creates the image of WWII and the Jews on the run from the Nazis trying to hide away and not be caught. Linked to the story it shows the Ralph is like a Jew on the run from Jacks tribe (Nazi army) and how he is an outcast.

The sentence structure is quite different throughout, as some sentences are short, whilst others long. The shorter sentences build upon the dramatic action as it shows very fast action taking place. For example when Ralph is on the run the sentences are very short, too signify fast action He flung himself down by some ferns and when Ralph is thinking to himself the sentences are very long possibly to signify the chains of thoughts Ralph has on avoiding death There was no Piggy to talk sense. There was no solemn assembly for debate nor dignity of the conch. Some sentences also vary in complexity as some just state simple facts whereas others use devices such as imagery, within them i.e. jeered up into a blanket of smoke

The quote jeered up into a blanket of smoke uses imagery as the word blanket created the image of the island covered with smoke. This technique is used frequently to try and help the reader understand the situation and what the character/surroundings are like. Another example of imagery is when it says bars and splashes of sunlight flitted over him and sweat made glistening streaks on his dirty body This creates the image of the intense sunlight reflecting off him because off the sweat and also give the impression he has been on the run for some time hence dirty body

The language that he uses also emphasises upon the dramatic action as he uses short, snappy phrases that gets the reader gripped and immediately aware of the situation shrill and inevitable, was the ululation sweeping across the island

Overall William Golding uses a combination of effective techniques to make his novel more of a success. The effect of imagery makes the novel more exciting and the short phrases he uses also emphasises upon the dramatic action he had planned for his novel to have.

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