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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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This paper researches in to significant features of Microsofts Windows Vistas that is expected to be released during 2007. This research paper carefully examines what are all the special features of the Windows Vistas. How the new software exemplifies than the earlier versions. Are the earlier Microsoft softwares malfunctions like Windows XP has been addressed in the new software? Is the Vistas going to be advantageous to the consumers and business. The study also looks into the some of the drawbacks of the Vistas and wishes to know how these are all going to be addressed.

The opening up windows-based technologies has resulted in new vistas of opportunities .Is this technology is going to revolutionalize as windows did it one decade ago .What the new technology is going to bring? What are all its advantages? What are all the likely disadvantages of the Windows vistas?

Windows is one of the enthusing technologies that is paving new and encouraging vistas of business viabilities. But despite its assurance, it is misconstrued by many, disheartened by some and even frightened by others.

During 1996, about 90% of the all internet browsing were done by the Netscape. Visualizing that the internet has the bright future, Microsoft expanded its operation to internet software market in addition to its operating system software area.

Dawn of computers and internet technology and rapid economic and communication development has compelled the society to access to modern information technology in their day to day life. Development in the communication technology especially the internet era has changed the way of peoples life and it has made the whole world into a global village.

In August 1996 about a decade ago, Microsoft successfully introduced Internet Explorer version 3.0 a popular web browser software. As a business strategy, Microsoft provided it as a free adds on along with its Windows 95 and Window NT version 4.0. Web war between Microsoft and Netscape started from there started as Netscape was widely used for web browsing by neitizens by then. Due to innovation technology and convenience, in the business battle Microsofts Internet Explorer has overthrown the Netscape web browser.

As the internet has occupied the entire gamut of business, Windows has become almost a monopoly player providing with value added additions to Windows customers as it has recently introduced Internet Explorer 7 version. Now a scenario has been established that without Windows, no business activity can thrive as it is depending wholly on internet and information technology products like MS Office.

As the result, Microsoft has made it possible to position its Windows as a comprehensive, affordable, logical preference in the worlds computing platforms.

Likewise, Microsoft was able to pull down IBM, UNIX also in its business race other than Netscape. After the introduction of Windows 95, an improved version Windows NT has been added to its product range.

Thus Windows NT has become success story of the Microsoft of 1996. Annual sales of Windows NT surpassed all its competitors like UNIX. The main success story of NT lies in its record strengths of its built-in networking capabilities.  Thus NT offers a common base of functionality like power connectivity, convenience to use and manageability.  The new Windows NT Version 4.0 is much enhanced version which is friendlier and has familiar integration of interface of Windows 95. Further Windows NT is very useful for desktop operating system for solving composite business problems.

To lead the information technology revolution, Microsoft has to constantly to upgrade its products. This gives a competitive edge to the Microsoft over its competitors. If you analyse the history of Microsoft, you can aware it almost introduced new products or enhanced products now and then so as to retain its market share. With business strategies and technological innovations, it is able to keep away its competitors like Netscape, UNIX, and IBM etc. In continuance of its research and development activities, the Microsoft Corporation has introduced Windows Vistas which is an enhanced version of the all of its window products recently.

It is available for trial downloads from its corporate website. This research essay evaluates and analyse the salient features of Windows Vistas and tries to conclude its findings.


Windows vistas desk top will be more instinctive, instructive and more useful. Further it contains new tools that offer more information on your computer and you can just know what a file contains without even opening it. Further it has salient functions like more user friendly approach to find software applications in your computer and to access the files straight away. Further in vistas, navigation is easier and it contains new wizards and dialog boxes which is of more assertive nature


To protect from viruses and spy ware penetration, Vista is said to be more safe and secure and it will offer safer online experience. The inbuilt software with Vistas is designed to protect from viruses, spy ware, Trojans, worms and other pop-ups and malicious software.

In Vistas, user control account has been designed mainly to enhance the security and safety of the computer. Vista users will be alerted to decide whether to allow certain dangerous software which will potentially make computer to crash down or not.

The dominance of spy ware, Trojan, viruses and other malicious threat is being challenged with Windows Defender and Internet Explorer 7 which comes as a freeware with Vistas.

Vistas offer very useful User Account control that will include parental controls in Windows Vista. This helps the user to create different account for different user from the family .This control will be useful to refuse access to certain websites, games and programs or to install them. This facilitates not only the smooth running of the home computer but also protects the family members.

Theft of personal information, slow down of performance of PC and surfacing or unwanted pop-ups can be organized through the installation of Malware in the computer. Vistas come with many special security features which help to prevent from the installation of the malware and also to detect and destroy if the same has already been installed.

Further windows Vista come with the inbuilt firewall that assists to safeguard against viruses, hackers, worms. Further windows defender helps to guard against unwanted software and spy ware. The latest security patches will be offered through automatic upgrades. Further Windows security centre will remind the user when there warrants a security update installation.  Further Vistas has a add on feature MSRT ( Malicious Software Removal Tool) which scans the computer for the possible entry of viruses and to remove them and this is being offered to the users via automatic updates.

Internet Explorer 7 is a part and parcel of Windows Vistas and it has special features like direct access to information one may desire with in-built support for feeds known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS). With this tool, one can access to the information collectively sent in a separate message folder without need to looking for it. This tool helps to access information from various websites without need to visit these sites individually.

Normally web based attacks will change the settings of user computer or tries to modify the files. Further these malware will also try to install malicious software without users knowledge, copy virus files to the start-up folder and highjack the settings of the browsers home page. Windows vistas come with built-in user account protection tools to prevent these types of attacks from hackers.


This tool facilitates instant access to gadgets which are designed as user friendly. The customized mini applications provide information at a glimpse and offer friendly access to most used tools. Vistas side bar will helps you to have instant access to gadgets like windows media player controls, picture slide shows or news headlines. The new tool gadget in the Vistas is a mini-application that allows the user to access to online instant messages, to view calendar, to control the media player, to work on calculator, to play games, to scribble humid notes and so on.

Further through gadgets, the user can easily connect to news updates, weather reports, traffic maps, to hear radio, to access to slide show of online pictures. Further, a user if need arises can download more gadgets from gadget gallery through online.


Vista comes with sidebar with which the user can organize the gadgets .A user can customize the sidebar as per his taste .It is possible to move the side bar off the Windows and to position them anywhere on users desktop.


Windows Vistas is being offered with enhanced features like Sleep, Window Super Fetch, windows Ready Boost and Windows Ready drive. Thus Vistas super fetch is a tool that helps to squeeze the maximum memory from available RAM. Vistas Ready Boost makes it more responsive to increase the performance in the case of use of USBs. Vistas Ready drive ensures to endure battery life, overall performance reliability and comes with integrated flash memory.

3.5.1 SLEEP:

Vistas come with tools that help to minimize power consumption and data protection tools. This feature offers standby, data protection and economy of power consumption. It takes only fraction of second to resume from sleep state.


Vistas have a special feature when it is on the sleep mode in desktop pc. It saves all the current user information to both on hard disc and the memory. Thus restart will be faster.


When laptop is switched off, Vistas will save the data to memory and allows faster restarting.


This is a new feature which recognizes which application the user use most frequently and reloads the same very quickly after a startup.  It is able to recognize the users priorities and even can able to differentiate which technology a user use at various situations.


Ready Boost is a special tool which enhances the system performance by using USB drive memories with out adding addition RAMs. Vista has been designed to retrieve the data directly from the flash drive. Thus Ready boost offers drive inspiring enhancements in system responsiveness.


Vistas comes with hybrid hard disc which fastens the booting up , revoke from hibernate  immediately , to conserve battery power and to enhance the hard disk reliability .Thus hybrid hard disc are novel type of hard disc embedded with non-volatile flash memory .

Vistas come with manifold stratums of backup and refurbish protection from hardware collapses. The new feature called windows backup offer system restores enhancements.

 All backup related features can be retrieved from one place. For instance, folder backup, file and restore wizards are notably displayed for easy access.


This is already exists in Window XP. No personal datas will be lost if a system fails suddenly. It automatically creates easily identifiable restore points. The user also can make and name restores points at any time.

Vistas has enhanced network which is very convenient to set up, more secure, convenient to use and more reliable. It offers facility to connect to the user companys network wirelessly. It also permits share internet connection, copy files between computers, printers or enjoys the preferred entertainment.

Vistas have additional features like presentation of information in a summary in the network map. In case there is connectivity is disconnected, the user can see the message graphically that connection is down and can employ network diagnostic tools to aware the root cause the crisis and to arrive at a solution.


Vistas offer a new feature network explorer which makes it easy to share files and to take the advantage of the connectivity that a network provides. It is enhanced version of my network places in windows XP.


Vistas offer this as an innovative feature which exhibits an easy-to-understand, pictorial view of all things on the network and the details of connectivity. This helps to diagnose if a problem occurs.


This tool maintains the user applications aware of and optimized for the network changing capabilities. Vistas also assist to avoid connecting to fraudulent wireless networks.


This tool offers the aptitude to account changes in network connectivity to applications in order to offer more faultless connected experience.


Vistas offer network diagnostics to investigate the circumstances and offer either readymade solutions or a list of probable reasons and solutions so that the user can fix the problem.


If situation warrants, Vistas tunes itself to act speedily there by receiving more data after evaluating the speed of the internet connection in accordance with the bandwidth available to the user. Due to this downloading files and multimedia clips becomes faster.

Vista comes with the new feature which enables the future laptops to have secondary or auxiliary display. It facilitates the user to view the important information even if the computer is on off or sleep mode or on. Thus the auxiliary display helps to view phone numbers, view meeting schedules without having to start up the users laptop. This sideshow tool can also be applied in a variety of peripheral devices like LCD display, keyboards, cell phones and romote controls.

This is one of the fascinating features that windows vistas offer. This allows the user to interact with his computer using his voice. Thus the usage of mouse and keyboard is going to loose their significance shortly. A user can dictate e-mails and documents and employ voice commands to switch between start and applications, control the operating system and to fill out the forms on the internet.

Vistas have the adaptability to user speaking vocabulary, manners and style .It recognizes more languages other than English.

Windows Vistas helps the business users to work more efficiently, helps the groups to collaborate and communicate effectively despite of the fact of their location. It lowers the running cost, enhances security and ensures business ability to comply with reporting and statutory requirements.


Vistas offer mobile professionals more secure access to corporate resources so that they can communicate with their coworkers both off and on the network. Vistas also make it easier to connect wirelessly and synchronize mobile devices.

Reduction of the maintenance cost is one of the chief advantages of the Vistas. Further it offers more sophisticated data protection and auditing facilities. It ensures to manage the security risks by protecting the information and services in a more secure and controllable environment.


Product activation is always time consuming and laborious. But Window vistas have been designed to overcome this difficulty. Thus window product activation has been refurbished in Windows vistas and it is very easier process than it was in Windows XP.

Though Microsoft is virtually a monopolistic corporation as far as Windows software, there seem some cracks to appear. Microsoft next operating system Vista has been termed as prosaic by some critiques as it has taken full four years for its development but release date has been announced yet. Some expect that it may be released during 2007.

Now competition has also surfaces and Google has turned to be more agile operator and open-source software is more readily available to neitizens.[1]

Microsoft has been sued for anti trust violations by the U.S Justice department. Netscape Communications Corporation made a complaint that PC manufacturers were forced to install Microsoft Internet Explorer and discouraged to install Netscape Internet browser with the windows operating system thereby Microsoft is unfairly dominating the market for Internet web browsers.

For installation of windows vistas, there are minimum hardware requirements. Thus a minimum of 2.5 GHz Intel-compatible P4 generation processor or higher version is needed .It also requires RAM up gradation to 2 GB. As such, all the users have necessarily to spend on the system up gradation and this may costs a lot to corporation. [2]. Some critics observe that windows Vista can function properly only in a new computer with more vigorous hardware and a new monitor as well.

Windows Vistas is definitely is going to make a revolution in the information technology industry. Bill Gates has recently informed that what ever the TV sets which we are watching now  will no longer available with in a decade as there will be much more improved version of TV so that a viewer can view the same any where , any time and at any place . With such a vision and foresight, he is now introducing Windows Vistas which is surely going to be another mile stone for Microsoft Corporation. Due to this invention, Microsoft has confirmed again that it turn to be the monopoly player in the computer software industry. Windows Vistas has lot of advanced features like speech recognition, enhanced security.

Further Microsoft has spent huge money that no one has spent in the history for the testing of operating system of vistas. This heavy investment in Vistas is aimed to achieve greater security, usability and reliability. Further, on November 8th 2006  , Microsoft has released vistas to manufacturing which is a milestone and be definitely an exemplary feather cap to its cap.

With all these new technological development, a day will come where there will be no office place and every one has to interact from his PC and perform the duty even from his house. This going to reduce various overheads what we are spending on our office administration. Windows Vistas will lay the foundation for the office less world but working thorough PC with enhanced softwares.

  But some critics are of the opinion that vistas have some teething problems like requirement of enhanced configuration which may involve additional costs. Monopolistic attitude of the Microsoft may kill the new entrants and Microsoft is going to be dictator of the world in the near future as far as information technology is concerned. One has to remember for getting cure from the ailment, one has to swallow the souring pill even if he doesnt like it.

Microsoft inventions and technological innovations like Vistas is going to revolutionize the business community in short future.

[1]  Bill Gates New Internationalist, 2006.

[2] Ken Fisher, Window Vistas recommended Settings according to Microsoft, then according to Ars. Ars, news 2006.

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