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Published: 2020-02-10 17:10:54
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Thursday, a new day, I was actually looking forward to seeing what today had to bring. I was right to wonder as today we were doing the normal lessons of Maths, P. E, English and History, which we do Thursdays, but today we were also going to do painting. The children were excited, and so was I. After our fun last lesson of the day of painting it was time to pack up and go home. I, on the otherhand had to stay and clean up, which I did not mind as I had seen how much the children enjoyed painting and just the smiles on their faces gave me motivation and me smile too.

Friday, the day I had at first been looking forward to but was now dreading all week had come. I was upset at the thought of leaving the children that had made me feel so welcome and had made me smile not stop for the past two weeks. The day was all right. It started the same way and was pretty much the same, apart from the gut feeling I had. As the day went on I tried my hardest to explain to the children that I was going back to my own school, to do my work. They did not understand, no matter how much I explained.

After two weeks it was over, it was the end of the day on Friday and I was going to have to say goodbye. All of sudden two children missing and five minutes later they returned with a big card for me. I was very emotional at this point as I held back my tears. In the card they had all signed it and had drawn pictures of themselves. I also had six pictures that Ross, Daryl, Chloe, Steph and Katie had drawn for me. As the children left they all hugged me and took a handful of marshmallows, which I had brought in for them.

I remember saying goodbye to all of them and holding back my tears. There was of course two favourites, isnt there always but these two were special to me as they had me feel so comfortable around them and had always been grabbing my hand at every chance. These two children were Chloe and Daryl. Although me and Daryl did have our moments, like when he decided that he had just about enough of me and he stuck his finger up at me, which to be honest was quite funny and when Chloe gave me a photo of herself and her granddad which I of course returned to her tray without her knowing.

I then picked up my bag and walked out of Ruislip Gardens Primary School one last time. I left and caught my bus home feeling sad and shedding a tear or two. From work experience I feel that I have matured a lot and that I definitely know that this is definitely the line of work I am interested in. I have below written my own poem of my experience of work experience. The moment that I first saw it I was terrified, but little did I no the children were going to be right by my side.

The children they were lovely and the staff they were too, Things did not turn out how I had expected and all the things I had imagined they were not at all true. I am glad that I had gone there to work and act mature, But I am definite I am eager to start the real World of work and this I am sure. Now there is one thing I would want to say and I want everyone at Ruislip Gardens to know too, I would like to say this and I mean it, THANK-YOU.

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