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Published: 2020-02-24 19:51:07
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This shows that he is expressing his anger for the worlds cheap products through his work, repressing it as a statue, called Ogun. The form of this poem is very simple with short sharp sentences and two lined stanzas, that give a cold feeling of wanting to put his point across more than anything else. The tone of the poem is mostly anger of the writers uncle because of the fact no one will buy his goods. The world just wants cheap, soulless things, and his tradition and identity suffer as a result.

In Nothings Changed the main message put across is that although racism has changed with laws and such, the feelings that remain are exactly the same. This fits in with the suffering of identity because even when laws have been passed and it says you can be a certain place, or do a certain thing, you still feel like you cant and that you are treated the same, because of the colour of your skin. The message of this is brought across with several techniques. The imagery gives a feeling of hurt and deceit, and of a gut feeling of everything being the same it makes you think of pain that has happened, and that will continue to happen. The reader gets a feeling that the place is wasteland with rubbish and rubble everywhere, like a ghost town deserted and quiet.

The language of the poem is thoughtful and heartfelt. The first part of the poem tells us that the man in the poem is breathing heavily, scared, frightened because of the terrain he is walking through. ¦And the soft labouring of my lungs, and the hot, white, inwards turning anger of my eyes¦ This tells us he is bottling up his feelings about the place and that he is angry because of what had gone on there before. He cannot get the anger out of his system nor does he feel welcome in this place; he feels a connection with the weeds on the floor, both unwanted and uncared for. As the poem goes on it tells you he is more angry and powerless because nothing has changed from when he was a child:

¦I back from the glass, boy again¦ He tells us that he still feels a victim of apartheid, weak, small and powerless, because everything is the same as when he was a child. Even though things have physically changed, things will never mentally change. Some of the words in the poem such as haute cuisine gives an effect of expense and exoticness so that only rich people could afford it, which lets you know that things are strange to the writer. The form of this poem is put across in short simple words. The first stanza tries to imitate footsteps. ¦Small round hard stones click, under my heels¦ The tone of the poem is angry, upset, hurt and very serious this is put across by the whole feel of the poem to show that he feels out of place, in the place he was brought up. This inevitably causes pain and inner suffering

The poets want to put across the fact that readers should learn and understand that just because something is different, it may be a lot better than what you thought, and that you should treat people as you wish to be treated and not discriminate. They also show that poets from other cultures and traditions show suffering because of their identity because people are prejudiced and feel threatened by something that is different. The poets suffer because they do not feel as if they can fit in, as people treat them differently or are not so easy to get on with as someone from the same sort of background.

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