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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Statement of Purpose You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You dont try to forget the mistakes, but you dont dwell on it. You dont let it have any of your energy, or any of your time , or any of your space. This is my philosophy of life. The very best of our competencies, strengths are brought to action when we willingly take on challenges.

Right from my childhood, my mother taught me whenever we face obstacles toward achieving a goal, there are only two clear choices(1)to back out of goal-plans and stay in the comfort zone of being reasonable or (2)to take it on as a challenge, solve it and seize the opportunity to be in charge of the destiny. I have always chosen the later. Being from agricultural family, I have seen my family reel under financial burden. For generations my ancestors have tiled the land to provide food supplies to the country but the continued economic deprivation forced my grandparents to move their children away from agriculture towards government jobs .

My grandparents did not want their children to face the economic hardships that they faced . My parents moved to the city but our roots still lie in the land we have tilled for centuries. As a child It was instilled in me that the best possible way to get out of financial burden was to earn money. Every year thousands of farmers die due to the debt burden. Although the micro-economic model presented by Muhammad Yunus has successfully got many people out of poverty and many governmental schemes exist to help the farmers, their condition still remains the same as it was during the pre-Independence era.

Most of them are uneducated and deprived of the technological benefits that this era of scientific research presents, underlying one common cause the finances. The root cause lies in the financial structure present in many developing countries. Post MBA I would like to start a retail chain based on new financial system that reduces their dependency on local money-lenders and thus, help millions of farmers in the developing countries to come out of debt.

In Secondary School, I participated at regional level for the science xhibition and further, I also showcased my project at regional level in Senior secondary school. I was part of Kabbadi team at the regional sports meet in Senior secondary School. In my college, I developed a project under the auspices of Mrs. Darshana Hooda to improve the official website of our university. Moreover, I was Captain of the University Team from Computer Science that went on to win the tournament. I was the chief Security coordinator for the technical fest held in our college. I was also part of the Core committee that helped to organize the college fest.

After my under graduation, I joined Tata Consultancy Services as a Assistant system Engineer where I am working in a loan financing project. At TCS, I realized that it does take a trained eye to read through different trades and analyze the logic and complexities behind them. The company turned out to be a world in itself!. The project provided me opportunities to work on finance reconciliation issues and to find the root cause behind several glitches present in the system used for financing.

While holding the responsibilities of the project, I have independently developed a project for Lean Six sigma certification which helped the client to save $15,000. I am Lean Six sigma Certified (Green Belt). Along side my work at TCS,I have been active participant of the Maitree Club that performs Community Service activities. I have invested my considerable time in the Toast Master Club, which is an international club helping people to improve their personality and spoken English.

I have tryst with entrepreneurship right after my higher secondary education when I started selling off assembled computers. I was in touch with a whole-sale retailer of computer products and a friend of mine assembled the computers, enabling us to squeeze some profits by saving the cost of rents and other logistics. We initially had a very good response and the marketing was good, but the sheer lack of market knowledge and other logistics made us look like sheeps in the big market driven world.

Although the experience was engraving and we did manage some profits by selling 10 odd computers, it left a deep impression on me pushed me towards entrepreneurship. The experience left me with learnings but most importantly it pushed me towards a gaining a better understanding of market concepts that I lack. MBA act as a Center for Entrepreneurial Studies holds exciting events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, offering networking opportunities and first hand experience that I plan to take full advantage of to extend my learning.

Your business incubator encourages students to launch their own businesses, something that I aspire to myself. I have tried to start business house in as an adolescent which were unsuccessful, thus the MBA qualification would broaden and enhance my knowledge in a sense of building up skills. MBA would help me fulfil my short term goal of getting the best education and help me build a strong network with like minded people to fulfil my dream of a retail chain based on new financial system.

Additionally, MBA from a world recognized business school would put weight behind my words and put the problem of Indian farmers on a global platform. Post MBA in Supply Chain Management I would like to establish a organization that would provide a network of facilities to Indian farmers and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of agricultural produce , transformation of these produce into intermediate and finished products, and the distribution of these finished products to customers.

Thus, helping the farmers to get the right price of their endeavours and freeing them of the debt cycle. xxxx has been my sole choice for scholastic development for past several years. Moreover, I have been continually impressed by the quality of the faculty, relevance and breadth of the curriculum, autonomy of the business program and look forward with great eagerness to continuing my academic relationship and research work with the College of Business Administration. Indeed, I am confident that an MBA from xxxU will undoubtedly translate perfectly anywhere.

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