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Communicable Disease Essay

A communicable disease is a bacteria or virus that can is transferred from person to person, or from animals or the physical environment to individuals by a variety of ways. For example air and water,...

5 Pages, (1295 Words)
Published: 2019-12-29 06:01:31

Principles of infection prevention and control Essay

The Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 1992, Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, The...

2 Pages, (356 Words)
Published: 2019-12-29 06:20:58

Sexually Transmitted Infections Essay

What is a STI? When two people have sex together their bodies are very close and this can lead to germs passing between them if one of the people already has a certain disease. This can be from touch...

2 Pages, (347 Words)
Published: 2019-12-29 06:11:47

Signs and Symptoms Essay

~Cough, Unintentional weight loss, Fatigue, Fever, Night Sweats, Chills, Lost of Appetite. Treatment With tuberculosis, you must take antibiotics for at least six to nine months. The exact drugs and ...

2 Pages, (422 Words)
Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56